Our mission is to restore manufacturing jobs to the US.


Our 3 keystones are the basis for every product we develop:

  3. STYLE

Located in Leominster, Massachusetts, the original plastics hub of the United States, Allied Resin Technologies, LLC (Artech) is a Rotational and Injection Molding manufacturing company. Founded in 2014 by longtime colleagues Daniele La Posta and Ed Mazzaferro, two leaders in the plastics manufacturing industry, Artech was designed to be a one stop shop for companies looking to manufacture roto-molded products. Along with production capabilities, we also provide Extrusion and Pulverization, services for clients. 


Helmed by a combined experience of over 50 years, Artech strives to create an unparalleled combination of performance, utility, style and value in every product we make. We have longtime experience serving all types of customers, from big box stores to wholesale clubs, and midsize chains to independent retailers, and understand their unique needs.